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cauliflower-based dough pizza

A kitchen story: What’s cooking with Kitchenroots

Yesterday I shared my love for creative, nutritional and seasonal yumminess with eco-foodie Charles Wailly from Kitchenroots. In good spirits of Dagen Zonder Vlees we opted for a cauliflower-based dough pizza.

I had read about a delicious cauliflower-based recipe and who better to try it with than Charles? Yesterday we met in his kitchen. Dressed in a beautiful bordeaux apron we started slicing and dicing the seasonal veggies. The dough was quickly made: mix the raw cauliflower with almond flower, crushed flax seed, eggs, oregano, salt and pepper. Charles showed me other ways to serve cauliflower, such as carpaccio. I can’t wait to try that myself! In the meantime the cookie-shaped pizza crust had turned golden. We took it out of the oven to garnish it using fresh toppings like mushrooms, red onions, cauliflower, sunflower seeds and Tierenteyn mustard to spice it up. Best pizza I’ve ever tasted!

What a delicious afternoon. Let’s do that again soon, Charles!

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