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Happy Gentsche Fieste!

Happy Gentse Feesten! New to the festival in Ghent or feel like stepping into the footsteps of a local? You’re in for a treat!

Start off the day with a theatrical show from BataHlan in the Willem de Beersteeg. The performers explore the refugee issue with wit and their sharp tongue. The spectacle already starts at the entrance where a customs officer gives you grief if you don’t have a registration certificate. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the act!

Then wander the streets of the historic yet vibrant city. Stop and listen to the street performers, like a grandfather playing in beautiful harmony with his grandson.

Find your way to Church! Seriously! You can listen to a free concert in St. James’ Church whilst cooling down on this hot summer day! Have a craving? Taste the all day bio brunch!

Next, make your way to the Huidevetterken 24. KAPOW MOOD is serving detox drinks. Enjoy them in a sun chair and take a dip in the pool. Or get inspired by the young artists creative work. Stay a little longer, the Dj will turn the music up at sundown!

End the night with a veggie ‘burger & french fries’-bag from de Frietketel. For me the walnut-burger-bag please! Pure yumminess!

Feel like keeping this party alive? Go to the Vlasmarkt where you’ll find like-minded people dancing till sunrise!

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