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The Food Assembly: Local farmers market Boeren & Buren

Looking for tasty veggies, cheese, and meat? Preferably, straight from the farm? Want to support the local businesses? Head to Boeren & Buren’s food market.

Agriculture used to play a big role in Flanders. Nowadays, the number of farmers has been cut down enormously, which means the consumer must get his food from supermarkets, where industralised and imported food dictates our purchases. Unfortunately, those foods have a negative impact on our ecological footprint. The amount of water spent and the way the land is being exhausted has a damaging effect on our planet.

Boeren en Buren, aka ‘La Ruche qui dit Oui!’, was launched in 2009 in France to promote fair and local shopping. The concept of eating the freshest food available in your region was an incredible success. Due to its big success, 8 other European countries joined. Nowadays, the food assemblies are available in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Denmark.

How does it work? Place your order here before midnight on Tuesday. Select the exact quantity of fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, and cheese you want to eat that week. You can also order ice cream, beer, or other local specialties. Next, pick up your order and meet the food suppliers every Thursday between 17h and 19h30 at Dok Gent.

This way of shopping is as beneficial to you as to the food industry. You order exactly what your family will consume that week. The farmers immediately react to the demand. They only pick the ordered vegetables and produce the exact amount of food ordered. The selected farms can produce on human scale, which means the animals will be treated with respect, and the soil and the biodiversity will be protected due to respectable agricultural methods.

In addition to ecological farming practices, you’ll meet the local producers, talk to them, and discover the reality of a farmer’s life. Together, we’ll create a community that dictates what the world we live in looks like. Come find us in the Freinetschool in the Wasstraat 120 in Ghent and join the movement!

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