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Tournée Minérale, Santé!

February will be a sober and healthy month with my man and lots of friends participating in Tournée Minérale. The campaign promotes drinking no alcohol in favour of cancer research during the whole month. Being pregnant, it’s not really a hard challenge and, to be honest, I don’t even crave it.

Why participate? First, it’s good for your health. As alcohol has a drying effect, going without for a month will improve your hair and skin. You’ll sleep better and, as a result, have more energy and feel fitter. Alcohol is also a calorie bomb, so you will also lose weight if you skip those glasses. Another reason that might persuade you is that you’ll save a nice sum of money. Do you know, when you drink a glass of wine a day, you will approximately save 50 euro a month? Curious how much your alcohol consumption costs you monthly? Do the test! Last, but not least, you can help save lives by supporting their charity for cancer research. Donate the money you saved on alcohol or get sponsored by friends and/or family.

Convinced? Join in!

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